And so it begins…

The Roundtable Podcast is a writer’s podcast.

Now, there are a LOT of outstanding writer’s podcasts out there.  Heck, we at RTP listen to a bunch of them and you’ll find links to many more here on the site.

We’re going to focus on a very specific aspect of the writing process… the ideas How do you take a rough jumble of inspirations and transform them into a workable, writable story?  How do you make your characters engaging and authentic and your plot lines snap with energy and excitement?

And we’re going to do it right before your ears.

Each week, we invite writers to come onto the show and present a story idea they’ve come up with.  Then the writer and a panel of hosts – including published authors, editors, publishers, and other literati – get to work asking the tough questions about character arcs, plot pacing, raising the stakes and delivering the literary goods.  It’s a no-holds-barred dialog that turns vague ideas into literary gold (or at least silver).

I can’t wait to get started on this.  It’s gonna be a blast!

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Comments (3)

Sounds like a great idea for a podcast. Wish you the best and am looking forward to your launch date.

Thanks, Tim! I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us.

Looks like you’re walking the same path with your own podcasts… awesome! Looking forward to digging into them. Maybe we can do a promo swap?

Yeah, that would be good. I also interview other podcasters (just did Michell Plested), so if you’d like to hop on skype for a little bit sometime I could interview you about your upcoming show. I’m in the process of making promos. I’ll send one your way when they are ready, though my plan is for each promo to promote an episode where the interview subject has a new release during that month. For example, this month, I’ll promote the Michael Sullivan episode because his last book in the Riyria Revelations series is coming out Jan. 31. If you don’t run a show till March, then I’ll work on one for that month and get it to you (though they could overlap).

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