Email Issues

We recently discovered that some emails being sent to us were NOT making it to our Inbox.

That’s deeply disturbing to us. I mean, Brion and I are social, community-oriented people… we’ve sent out inquiries to authors and publishers, invited writers and other podcasters to join us in one capacity or another, and generally tried to reach out to the world.  The thought that some of you responded to us and we didn’t receive that response is keeping us up at night!

We’ve resolved the issue, but we wanted to let everyone know: If you’ve written us and we haven’t responded, we didn’t receive your email!  PLEASE reach out to us again.  We respond to queries and questions and requests pretty quickly, so if you don’t hear from us in a few days, something’s wrong.  We love email and feedback and questions and we would never just ignore your message.

One of the best ways to contact us is through the Contact Us… page.  That message form is a direct line into our inboxes.  If all else fails, use it to get a message to us.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s input so far.  RTP is an important project for us we’re grateful for your interest and support.