20 Minutes with Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart quietly sits down to the roundtable and – with wit and laughter – makes it all okay.  While his talents are diverse and potent – including narration, writing and blogging, editing, and game design – it is his ability express the essence of whatever topic is on the table with honesty and warmth that is his distinguishing super-power.  During this (more-than-20-minute) episode, Alasdair shares insights into what makes a story memorable, how to extract and express a theme, reveals the “true” essence of the Isle of Man, and single-handedly ends the Genre Wars. (and, whatever you do, do NOT miss Alasdairs’s Workshop Episode)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Alasdair Stuart

[caution: occasional bouts of mature language]


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Episode Breakdown

01:00 – Alasdair’s gloriosity

02:40 – What would you like to see writers do more of… and less of

03:15 – Swagger
04:45 – Quoting David Mamet
05:15 – Humorless fiction (not having any fun)
07:25 – Very few writers have this

08:00 – What makes a story stick with a person?

09:04 – Themselves
10:40 – Easy to tell when you’re doing it right
11:30 – 170,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock

12:45 – Promotional Break – Nutty Bites (http://nimlas.org/blog)

13:40 – Did you have a rich fantasy life on the Isle of Man

16:03 – Are you uniquely equipped to deal with the genre and e-pub wars?

17:06 – Alasdair discovers how to fix the Genre Fiction Community
17:30 – Everyone seems to cling to their life rafts
17:52 – Podcasters and e-pubbers secretly think they’re the crew of Serenity
18:40 – Stephanie Meyers
19:04 – You go with what works, not because you’re dressed like that guy

21:00 – How do you embody a story’s theme?

21:30 – The TV show “Midnight Caller”
22:20 – The closing monologue
22:50 – Complete brutal emotional honesty
23:35 – Fixing the broken stuff
24:16 – The Power of Words
24:43 – Telling the beast to trim its nostril hairs

28:33 – Dealing with fan or reader “superior knowledge”

29:43 – Read a lot… or watch a lot
31:10 – I’ve been hired to do it and they haven’t
32:19 – If you write what you want and like…

32:50 – 30 minutes is the new 20 minutes.


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Dave Robison has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life. His CV includes writing Curious George fan-fiction at the age of eight, improv theater at age ten, playing trumpet at age twelve, as well as a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, designing websites, creating board games, hosting mythological roundtables and generally savoring the sweet drought of expression in all its forms. His years of exploration give him a unique, informed, and eloquent perspective on the art of storytelling.

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