20 Minutes with Gail Carson Levine


Gail Carson Levine
Gail Carson Levine

Gail Carson Levine – best-selling author (on just about every literary list) of Ella Enchanted and many more delightful tales and fairytale re-visionings – takes a few minutes from her blog and website and her latest creations to join us at the Roundtable. From her unconventional background to her current successes, Gail generously shares the unique and insightful perspectives on her craft and how she approaches it.  (and don’t miss Gail’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Gail Carson Levine

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Episode Breakdown.

00:56 – Recap of Gail’s achievements

02:50 – Gail’s unconventional background

03:20 – A devastating comment

                04:00 – Writing a children’s play

                04:30 – State government rekindle’s her love for writing

                05:10 – Adult education writing courses leads to “Ella Enchanted”

                06:40 – Beginning to send work out, learning as she goes

                07:05 – Self-hypnosis as a writing strategy

                07:40 – Joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

                08:10 – Having a great time with rejection

09:27 – When people say something global, it’s time to stop listening

09:40 – The danger of over-praising

12:20 – Promo Break (Scott Roche’s 52 Weeks of Indie)

13:20 – Why pursue YA and Children’s Literature?

14:05 – What is your approach to re-visioning a fairytale?

  15:30 – Looking for gaps in logic

                16:15 – Ella Enchanted

                16:32 – A Tale of Two Castles

 17:53 – What’s the next step?

19:55 – Approaching character development

20:20 – Problems with likeable characters

21:30 – Pacing for Younger Audiences

22:30 – Dealing with possible boredom

23:40 – How do writer’s instincts evolve?

24:20 – Continue taking notes

24:40 – Software of choice

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Ah Gail, my hero! What a joy to hear her voice and humility! It warms my heart and gives me hope!

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