Workshop Episode 1 (Guest Host: Dan Sawyer)

Workshop Episode 1 with J. Daniel Sawyer and Benjamin ClaybornIn our premiere episode we invite J. Daniel Sawyer to help us work through an epic fantasy story presented by up-and-coming author Benjamin Clayborne.  Among the talking points are the nature of insanity, the importance of social/economic/political foundations, and finding your voice in the writing process.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this first “Workshop Episode.” (And don’t miss Dan’s Showcase Episode)

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Workshop Episode 1 (Guest Host: J. Daniel Sawyer)

[warning: contains mature language]

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Comments (2)

Oh drats…no more Catapillar Crunch salads for me! Seriously, was great fun to listen in on the Workshop with J. Daniel Sawyer. Lots of creative ideas, bunches of sound advise, and infused with witty humor.

My favorite coined phrase was “…streams of nickels.”

Hi Guys,
Awesome first podcast!!! I’m not writer…even the act of writing this comment is painful, but MAN you delivered so much information and help for Ben and this story.

I learned the following:
– writing is a ‘real’ job…can’t believe 80h/week!! WTF!!
– Always be true to yourself and your being
– Daniel is such a beast (good thing), I will have to read one his books
– writer’s really need to know a TON of sh!t to write and tell a story that seems simple but it full and rewarding to readers…to all WRITERS OUT THERE…Thanks for your hard work!

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