20 Minutes with P. G. Holyfield

Literary Alchemist: P.G. Holyfield
P.G. Holyfield

P.G. Holyfield is a walker of many worlds.  Author and podcaster (http://www.pgholyfield.com), blogger and web architect (http://specficmedia.com/), his experience spans across most conventional media (and some unconventional ones), so we were delighted when he agreed to join us at the Roundtable for a chat.  The topics of discussion for this showcase include worldbuilding, the relationship between plot and character, and the pitfalls of editing while you’re still writing.  (and don’t miss P.G.’s Workshop Episode airing April 17th)


PROMO: Dead Robots’ Society (http://deadrobotssociety.com/)

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with P. G. Holyfield

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Episode Breakdown

01:05 – P.G.’s accomplishments

03:45 – How do you benefit from what’s good in another writer’s work?

04:30 – The Mentor archetype

06:10 – How do you create something that uses tropes but isn’t derivative

07:00 – Introducing the world to the readers

07:50 – Tales of the Children

09:00 – Worldbuilding: Gods first or world first?

09:40 – D&D Worlds

10:09 – Religious studies

10:31 – The idea of gods directly interacting with humanity

10:54 – Greek Mythology

12:00 – Neverwinter Nights by Bioware

13:00 – Spreadsheets of dialog

14:20 – Character relationships

15:20 – 20 years of worldbuilding

16:45 – PROMO: Dead Robots’ Society

18:30 – Did the ingrained worldbuilding stiffle your creativity?

20:15 – What do you wish someone had told you BEFORE you started writing

20:42 – Writing and not editing

21:25 – The NaNo Monkeys

22:05 – STILL want to go back

22:45 – But doesn’t that become a problem with a murder mystery?

23:15 – Tough to be a discovery writer

24:06 – Scrivner and Y-Writer

25:10 – Didn’t mean to write a mystery novel

25:40 – Joseph Campbell’s works

26:35 – Relationship between spirit and man

26:50 – The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler

27:40 – Words of Wisdom

28:03 – Plot first, then characters

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