20 (or so) Minutes with Tee Morris

Tee Morris
Tee Morris

Tee Morris is a primal force (and we mean that in a good way).  I mean holy crap… podcasting pioneer, author of one of the very first podcast novels, co-founder of Podiobooks.com, co-author (with Pip Ballantine) of the ever-growing canon of The Tales of the Ministry (including two novels: Phoenix Rising and The Janus Affair)… and those are just the highlights.  Buckle up, friends… it’s going to be a wild ride (and don’t miss Tee’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Tee Morris

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Episode Breakdown

 01:08 Tee’s illustrious achievements

  • 03:35 A fire and forget missile
  • 03:50 One correction: Case of the Pitchers Pendant not in production
  • 04:04 Doubtful if I’ll ever podcast a novel again
  • 04:55 And missed “Tales of the Archives”
  • 06:20 The J.J. Abrams of podcast fiction
  • 06:50 You gotta pick your battles
  • 07:40 Recording for Audible.com


10:07 Why Genre Fiction?

  • 11:00 I blame Jules Verne and Ian Fleming
  • 12:28 Connected with JR Blackwell and Jared Axelrod
  • 03:00 Voila… steampunk
  • 13:50 Michael Creighton IS a science fiction author, dammit
  • 14:06 Go, Stephen King!
  • 14:50 Only Steampunk in Goodreads 2011 Choice Awards


15:30 Promo: The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine


16:40 So Steampunk or Fantasy Nothing?

  • 17:10 It’s the story that matters
  • 17:25 Origins of Bilibub Baddings
  • 19:15 It’s me being greedy
  • 19:50 Always been a fan of Mike Hammer
  • 20:00 Add Warner Brothers cartoons Singing Sword
  • 20:57 Mike Hammer via JRR Tolkien
  • 21:10 Mashup of Steampunk and Fairy Tales
  • 22:14 SciFi and Horror
  • 22:40 I’m gonna tell the story… that determines the genre
  • 23:55 Don’t sit down to write “a science fiction” story
  • 24:05 What matters first is what’s the story you want to tell
  • 24:43 Let the story happen first


25:24 How do you keep from loosing what the real story is?

  • 25:45 Commit to the story


26:30 Worldbuilding Before Story?

  • 26:36 Organically build world around the story
  • 26:49 Braaack!
  • 27:05 J. K. Rowling
  • 28:20 With Mashups, you have to commit to both worlds
  • 29:40 Joss Whedon, Mashup Master
  • 31:10 An Acting Parable for Writers


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Michael Brudenell

Well, listening to Tee’s 20 (or so) Minutes With answered my question of why there hadn’t been a new Shared Desk episode. This is one busy man. It’s lucky he has all that energy. I’m really looking forward to his guest host workshop episode.

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