Workshop Episode 9 (Guest Host: Mur Lafferty)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 9, with Mur Lafferty and Dan LathamMur Lafferty – author, podcaster, editor, and purveyor of awesomeness – grabs a seat at the Roundtable to help workshop a story by Dan Latham that’s a unique twist on the superhero tale.  As always, the story sparks a fabulous discussion that delves into the “darker” superpowers, alternatives to classic villain tropes, and the transformation of spirit that having superpowers can have. (and as long as you’re here, you’re not going to want to miss Mur’s Showcase Episode either!)


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Workshop Episode 9 (Guest Host: Mur Lafferty)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Comments (4)

Danny Terry Jr.

I’m a huge fan of your podcast and hope to participate in a future workshop. I would love to have Mur back to participate if I do. Anyway, I am writing to give Dan a suggestion on his story and another way to work Thunderstruck into the story. Thunderstruck can start off as a friend to the boys who becomes their first victim of their powers. Sort of like a guinea pig. Zomba guy uses his powers to hook up with her and Flowery guy uses his powers to free her. This is their first disagreement. Thunderstruck gets wind of it and threatens to expose the boys if she is not given powers as well that includes the ability to keep the guys out her head. As they grew up, she uses her powers to become cool on a Kim Kardashian type level. She eventually becomes a antagonist to the guys. They then seek out the creator of the book to stop her….

Good luck with your story Dan.

Hey Dan! I like your suggestion… it’s one of those “formative mistakes” that grow to haunt the heroes in the years to come (a classic hero arc). Plus it strengthens and deepens the Thunderstruck character which can only add some nice layers to the tale.

And, you’ve brought up yet another exploitation of the “dark” mind control powers… superstar. We already had the main protags exploring political and spiritual power, and we completely overlooked the social arena. Very cool! 😀

Hi Danny,
The more I think about your suggestion, the more I like it. I’m adding it to the notes I’m making for the rewrite.
Hope to hear your story idea on the show!

Danny Terry Jr.

Awesome. Sorry for the grammatical errors. Smartphones are hard to type with sometimes, especially at work. Best of luck. I look forward to reading the finished story.

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