“One Question: Why Paranormal YA?” at UtopYA Con 2012

UtopYA Con 2012
UtopYA Con 2012

We learned about the remarkable UtopYA Con at the very last minute, but that didn’t stop us from hustling ourselves over to this amazing event.  Dedicated to “female writers of paranormal fantasy & the readers who love them,” UtopYA Con is a YA lovers paradise, fraught with wall-to-wall authors, fabulous panels and events, and an air of festive and impassioned creative mojo that you rarely see in a first-year event.

We talked to Janet Wallace (owner and prime mover-and-shaker at the Social Deviants marketing company) about the origins of UtopYA Con as well as her philosophy behind this 3-day extravaganza.

We also cornered several of the authors attending the con (as we are wont to do) and asked them exactly what it is that makes paranormal YA awesome. Not only are their answers enlightening, but Brion and I have several “ah HA!” moments about the power and relevance of the YA genre.

So what are you waiting for… hit that PLAY button! This stuff is gold, baby. 🙂

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Special Thanks to EVERYONE who was so helpful at UtopYA Con, especially…

Janet Wallace for her gracious hospitality (and mad organizational skills), and
The authors who were so generous in sharing some of their busy con schedule with us…

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Comments (8)

It was really great to meet you guys and wonderful to hear from the other authors as the Con.

Likewise, L.M.! My wife, Teri, and I were floored by the energy and excitement of the event and poor Brion was deeply lamenting that he couldn’t be there. Looking forward to seeing you next year! 🙂

I loved being able to meet you guys at UtopYA this year! Your podcasts are great, thank you for what you do!

It’s our pleasure, M.R., and thanks for affirmation.

It was great to meet you, too… my wife, Teri, and I will definitely be coming back next year for the full con (instead of a day-trip), so hopefully we can get you at the mic as well. 🙂

Evey novel I’ve written so far has ended up as YA, not on purpose, and I love that fact – but I still have a lot to learn about it so I’m very excited to lisen to this bonus episode! Thanks for brining it to us guys.

Wow guys, that was awesome. Excellent episode. Please keep going to cons and bringing your microphone Dave, and it’s also great to get Brion’s insight on it when you guys listen back to it together. I love hearing author’s ideas on stuff and what some awesome ideas about YA these people had. Cool stuff! Keep up the great work dudes!

Thanks Dan… I’m glad this episode gave you a little “gold” to take with you.

We’re diggin’ the format, too, and it’s good to hear we’re not alone. Rest assured that, at whatever cons we find ourselves at, we’ll be continuing the exploration of how everyone works their unique brand of mojo.

We’re EVEN starting to employ agents, Roundtable Emissaries, who are attending cons that we aren’t going to and asking them to record the same type of guerrilla interviews!

Hahahaha…just for clarification….when the references are made to “talking to ‘you guys’ at the conference”…I was the one at the conference with Dave…”I” being his wife…, on the other hand…referring to “you guys” in the podcast…that was definitely Dave’s The Roundtable Podcast co-host, Brion Humphrey…a dear friend of ours who lives in Colorado and a magnificent participant in the Roundtable Podcast journey. This virtual world can get a little complex… rofl

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