The Roundtable Hangs Out with Aurors Tale

Aurors Tale
Aurors Tale

At the first-ever UtopYA Con, I had the amazing good fortune to sit down with some of the dynamic innovators who are building an astonishing media event… Auror’s Tale.

If you haven’t checked out the Auror’s Tale teaser, yet, we’ve included in the post below. Check it out and you’ll see why I was so excited. While it may technically be considered fan-fiction, this exciting cinematic event is a giant leap beyond mere devotion to J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Auror’s Tale represents a bold spirit that has seized many artists in the age of digital media… the desire to not just sustain or re-create what’s already been done, but to expand the mythology, blazing a trail to explore exciting new expressions and perspectives of a beloved classic.

Joining me were Leo Kei Angelos, Cassandra Johnstone, Leanna Renee Hieber, and Christopher Lopez.  Each of them wear many hats in the production process, gladly sharing the diverse responsibilities that comprise a quality film production. And that’s exactly what this is, friends… a quality production that will thrill and delight any fan of the Potter-verse.

Listen to our interview with the Auror’s Tale folks:

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More About “Auror’s Tale”:

 Watch for the first episode hitting YouTube this summer and, in the meantime…

… enjoy this amazing teaser:


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Comments (6)

Wow, that is crazy good. Given how anti-fanfic Rowland is, I really hope they release this and it gets replicated around the Internets before she finds out.

I wasn’t aware Rowling was virulently anti-fanfic. That’s disturbing, actually (from a purely philosophical standpoint). And I would be surprised if she DIDN’T know about the project.

But honestly, she’s already said she doesn’t plan to write in the universe and these folks are A) bringing an amazing aesthetic to the project, B) aren’t altering the existing mythology (hell, they revere it), and C) are projecting into a whole nother time and location.

No money is being made, the production values are exceptional… I really don’t see a down side for either Rowling or Warner Bros. I have my fingers crossed, too. This is WAY to awesome not become real. 😀

Michael Brudenell


Yeah. This has Huge Lawsuit Writ all over it.

The answer “well, it’s FanFic and we’re not making any money off it” has zero place in Title 17. Contrary to popular belief fanfic is NOT legal. It’s just usually not worth prosecuting. This? Yeah. Spend some of that Kickstarter surplus and hire a good IP attorney.

Now the copyright holders will have to go after them and I don’t see any references to copyrighted material in the trailer or on the website other than a disclaimer that no existing characters are used.

My advice is “stop calling it fan fic.” It’s a new work of urban fantasy that owes as much to Harry Dresden as Harry Potter and as much to the Matrix as The Shield.

Now, if they start callin’ civilians “muggles” and cast aspertions on Hogwarts graduates, or take time out for the Quidditch matches on the telly … there’s a problem. Don’t do that.

There’s not any compelling reason to do so.

The idea of magic wands, of battling wizards, and a group of people who enforce the rules of the dark arts?? That’s a fair trope. Butcher uses it in Dresden. Rowling uses it in Potter. I think it’s pretty fair game as a trope without having to drop the f-bomb.

Michael Brudenell

I am guessing that calling it Auror’s Tale and using the Aurors is probably an issue. I believe this is a direct creation of the original author. Although, in the story the main character is in the NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcement. This is fairly ambiguous. So make some minor changes to the nomenclature, and good to go.

These people are talented, so I hope they come up with a good compromise and/or don’t run into any legal issues.


I didn’t realize that Auror was a Rowling Word. — So, I’m a little behind in my Potter, don’t judge me. 🙂

If I were a bettin’ man, I’d bet this was gonna see DMCA TakeDown action. I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t already.

Dump the Potter-isms tho and you’ve got a franchise.

I hope they do because this looks like a great project.

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