Support “Pilgrimage” and Get Dave’s Voice!

"Pilgrimage" Kickstarter Campaign
“Pilgrimage” Kickstarter Campaign

UPDATE: The Project is FUNDED!  Well done EVERYONE for transforming a fabulous idea into a reality! The cool thing is, my offer outlined below still stands for a few more days… read on!

A couple weeks back, we had an interview with the talented Matt Selznick where we discussed his Kickstarter campaign to fund “Pilgrimage”, a sequel to Matt’s “Brave Men Run: A Novel of the Sovereign Era”. It was a great discussion and we learned a lot about Matt and how he does what he does.

Well, it’s two weeks later – only FIVE DAYS LEFT at the time of this writing – and he is SO CLOSE to bringing it home. A lot of people have stepped up to throw in their own amazing incentives to help make this project happen:

Scott Roche and Justin Macumber (both Roundtable veterans from Workshop Episode 8) have stepped up and offered FREE BOOKS & STORIES of their own as additional donation incentives.

P. G. Holyfield (Another RTP Guest Host from Workshop Episode 7) is offering to write a sequel to his own Sovereign Era story that appeared in the anthology “Sovereign Era: Year One” for the a pledge of $50!

This kind of support is inspiring and we would be remiss if we didn’t step up as well. So here’s the deal:

If you increase your existing donation by $10 – OR – Donate $50I’ll narrate any story you want up to 3000 words!

If you increase your existing donation by $20 – OR – Donate $100I’ll narrate any story you want up to 7000 words

AND if you increase your existing donation by $50 – OR – Donate $200I’ll narrate any story you want up to 14,000 words

That’s right… this rich baritone, full of gravitas, and inflected with the skill of a seasoned vocal warrior can be yours for a paltry sum.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! Reserve your story narration now! Go to Matt’s Kickstarter Site now and boost or make your donation!

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I backed Matt’s kickstarter after finally listening to the interview a day or so ago and am looking forward to the book, but after reading through the updates and finding this side reward I had to go up my pledge. To make sure I qualified, and to try and help the project hit a stretch goal or two, I upped the pledge from $10 to $60. I know it says you only need to up the pledge by $20, but I assume that was for pledges made before this offer, which mine was not.

Anyway, I’m rambling here because, to be honest, and with all due respect to Matt, I think I’m more excited to have you narrate a story of mine than get the book! I’ve been thinking over the last few days of how to turn a story of mine that will be the beginning of an ongoing serial into audio as something I could use to promote the serial and then wham – perfect opportunity!

Heheh… timing is everything, Jeff! That’s fabulous… I’m delighted it helped Matt achieve his goals AND I’m seriously pumped about voicing your story! I’ll shoot you an email and we can work out a schedule. 🙂

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