Workshop Episode 26 (Guest Host: Cherie Priest)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 26, with Cherie Priest and Riley K. JamesCherie Priest, whose innovations breath vibrant life into every genre she turns her pen to, reclaims the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend her unique insights to this episode’s fabulous workshop. For this expedition in search of literary gold, we are joined by the charming and talented Riley J. Keith who shares a rich and intricate steampunk tale set in prohibition New Orleans. Her vision of intrigue, corruption, and betrayal in The Big Easy inspires some dynamic dialogue and everybody walks away some gold in their pockets. You can get some, too… just hit that play button! (and you know you gotta swing by and check out Cherie’s fabulous Showcase Episode!)

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Workshop Episode 26 (Guest Host: Cherie Priest)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Looking ahead for Cherie…

  • In the Fall… “The Inexplicables” (with at least one zombie sasquatch!)
  • In 2013, “Fiddlehead” hits the stands
  • PLUS: News on the “Boneshaker” movie project

Upcoming Conventions…


Riley’s cool stuff…

  • Riley’s Blog… swing by and see what’s happening
  • Story “The Islander” featured on New Fiction Writers Podcast
  • Extensive fan fiction with “The Corner Crowd”


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Comments (6)

Wasn’t last week episode 25?

GLEEP! Um… (ahem)… I have no idea what you’re talking about.

(Thanks for the catch, Peter… fixed)

Wow! Love this!

I’d love to see this as a series or a serial as well. There is a LOT of great stuff here and I’d hate to see it all not get the attention it so richly deserves.

The way the relationship between Melanie and Bertrand was shaping up toward the end reminded me of Rachel and Trent from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. (But without the sexual tension.) Characters who are at odds but have to work together sometimes, and a corrupt rich guy who nevertheless is a lynchpin for the city.

And the guy who gets blown up by the boiler, did you all ever get back to him, or did I miss it in that avalanche of awesome? Was that related to Bertrand wanting to get at the oil below the city? ‘Cause if that happens toward the end of the major arc, it would be fun to have this poor guy wandering in and out of the story throughout, always at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Michael Brudenell

Great episode!

What if Bertrand’s insecurity issues come from his powerful family. If he was not the first born he may have been overlooked by his father, an even more powerful man. His father had groomed the older brother, but a tragedy happens, and the brother dies. The father never believes that Bertrand can fill his shoes. Perhaps, before his brothers death, Bertrand had involved himself with the eugenics testing to try and find an edge, and that is what ties him to that program now. Just some possible back-story/character motivation ideas.

Wonderful story concept. Great advice from the hosts. Good luck with your project, Riley!

I loved the episode. I’ve got no real insight to possible story tweaks, but am excited to see what the book is going to be like.

I am late commenting because of Chicon, here is hoping I’ll catch up soon.

I think I have found a way for Riley J. Keith to keep most (not all) of this story intact. Multiple people suggested that there is so much material that it would be better to separate out the plots into different books, and make it a series. The reason for this is; with a complex setting, plus a long list of characters, plus multiple interrelated plot lines there is too much to handle all at once. Even George R.R. Martin spreads all that over multiple books.

So what if we take the story Riley pitched and make it Book 3 of the series? Riley could spend book 1 & 2 establishing setting and character, then book 3 could be mostly plot.

Book one could be about how our protagonists went from burlesque to being a reporter. Maybe we could extract the bootlegger/prohibition plot from the tangle and use it in Book 1. Just make sure that you don’t make book one as complex as book 3. You can have foreshadowing of future plots, but try to start simple.

Then book 2 can be about the shifters somehow. The reporter wants to do a story about the shifters but her publisher won’t let her. He claims “People don’t want to read stories about how life is hard for shifters, people want to read stories about how corrupt the mayor is. Write about that instead.” We introduce the Eugenics doctor.

Then in book three you can have the serial killer, and the “Red Book”, and the election, etc.

I am also looking forward to picking up this series someday.


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