Workshop Episode 29 (Guest Host: David D. Levine)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 29, with David D. Levine and Jason CarneyDavid D. Levine – crafter of marvelous tales of all genres (and lauded and celebrated time and again for those creations) – graciously returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to workshop a multi-layered story idea by Jason Carney. Jason’s tale starts off as one thing but evolves into something else all together! It was a wonderful evolution of ideas and inspiration… classic Roundtable goodness. (and make sure you swing back around to hear David’s Showcase Episode!)

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Workshop Episode 29 (Guest Host: David D. Levine)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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  • A story in “Old Mars” (are you sensing a pattern here?)
  • A story in “Beneath Ceaseless Skies”
  • “Tck, Tck, Tck” to be reprinted 21st Century SF from Tor
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Comments (5)

Fun episode! I had a few thoughts on the aliens:

Maybe the greenie environmentalist sort of aliens caused the arcology to fail on purpose in order to reintroduce the humans into the environment. There could be several reasons for this: there may even be more than one group of greenies. Just like we have some groups that would free zoo animals, and some groups that would introduce an endangered field mouse into an area slated for development in order to delay or stop the development.

I’m curious as to what sort of “legislation” would make the strip-mining aliens have to create these arcologies. Maybe it was an older law and they don’t have to do that on new planets, but the older planets got grandfathered, so the aliens have to maintain these expensive arcologies on planets they no longer care about. But if those arcologies “fail” or if the inhabitants choose to leave, well, then the miners are off the hook.

How many arcologies are there on this planet? Is it possible for the humans to trek to another “promised land?” And if so, how is that arcology going to handle the influx of new people into its balanced ecosystem? Will there be a war? (This could work also with the miners wanting to not have to keep maintaining the arcologies. Get them to fight each other.)

One can imagine interesting ways for an alien species to use humans as a sort of eco-terrorist weapon against another alien species, like the humans are an invasive pest like kudzu or something. “Behave, or we will seed your planet with these pernicious, cunning, war-like mammals. See what they did to their own planet?”

Hi Mercy, Wow! Thanks for the additional input! Every suggestion you offered is extremely provocative: the aliens as activists, the “loopholes” in legislation (what would happen if the aliens “started up” their resource extraction processes again [I had originally imagined that they had already extracted everything useful from the earth and moved on]), the additional arcologies, the idea of humans as bioweapons. This is a lot to process. Anyhow, really appreciate you sharing these ideas here. Take care! J

Humans as a bio-weapon… fraking brilliant! Opens up a whole new perspective on human-alien relations. Great ideas, Mercy… thanks for sharing!

So… how’s YOUR masterpiece coming along, hmmmm? 😉

Good episode, however it seems like this week the panel took All The Good Advice, so didn’t leave me anything to add.

Oops… sorry, Peter! We’ll leave some on the table for you next week. 😉

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