Workshop Episode 30 (Guest Host: Tim Pratt)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 30, with Tim Pratt and Rusty WebbTim Pratt, whose fiction has transported readers to astonishing worlds (or revealed those worlds in our own closets), returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to brings his amazing perceptions to bear workshopping an intricate tale offered up by Guest Writer Rusty Webb. It’s apparently post-apocalypse month here at the RTP, but Rusty’s tale offers a very unique perspective and setting. Mad Gods, ascended beings, the last vestiges of huma nity in a world gone wrong… marvelous food for storytelling awesomeness and we uncover several veins of Literary Gold. (and we empower you to fly back in time and check out Tim’s Showcase Episode!)

PROMO: Subversion (Enemy Lines)” by John Mierau

Workshop Episode 30 (Guest Host: Tim Pratt)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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I can’t thank everyone enough for letting me come on and workshop my story. I’ll be hard at work on it all fall. A few things worth mentioning.

1) I did blog about my experience:

2) I haven’t been counting, but I’m pretty sure I set the roundtable record for the number of times ‘um’ was used. Sigh.

3) There were a lot of great ideas mentioned that I missed while we were talking. Listening again I was thrilled with the insights and new possible directions I can go. Everyone involved was nicer and more helpful than I would have imagined possible. Thanks again.

You are MOST welcome Rusty. It really was a pleasure and a genuinely cool story for everyone to sink their teeth into. I’m glad you found even MORE literary gold to work with on the second listen through (that’s the beauty of the podosphere, man).

After reading your blog post, I have even MORE gratitude (and sympathy) for your experience. Holy smokes… I’m amazed you were lucid (and you were, I promise).

And dude… you are I are in competition for the World “Um…” Title, so it’s all good. 😉

Was it the best pitch ever? No, but it was far from the worst. Really.
This episode had a good balance of Setting, Plot, and Characters. Some of the weaker episodes were ones when the author would focus too much on one, to the exclusion of the other two.


When you started telling the story of a fantasy setting in a post-apocalyptic world, I though “Oh, here we go again.” However, you did a good job of crafting interesting characters who are proactive.

I like the idea that Raj has some sort of inkling of what is really going on. I suggest that you not make him too powerful or too knowledgeable early on.

There was also an interesting suggestion that Raj be driven to extreme behavior toward his wife by his knowledge. This helps make him somewhat sympathetic and complex.

There is a wonderful opportunity for a love triangle. I’m surprised no one brought it up.

As Jeb is 15 years old, you also have a coming-of-age story and the resolution of his relationship with Edith could be a part of that.

Take care,

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