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podcastingI looked up from mixing, narrating, interviewing, and workshopping recently and realized that we have a lot of generous friends in the podosphere.

These fine people have been kind enough to offer Brion and I the opportunity to be a part of their podcasts, either as guests or participants in one way or another. Knowing the work involved in producing a podcast and the importance of providing strong content to listeners, we’re pleased and honored to have been invited to these wonderful Islands of Awesomeness in the podcast community.

Even I had to dig through my memory (and Google) to find some of these, so I’m betting many of you weren’t aware of these jewels of interview goodness. Here they are with convenient links (and if I’ve overlooked someone, please forgive me and chalk it up to a new cerebral condition I call “Frothing Teflon Brain”. Let me know and I’ll add it to the post poste haste).

The Dead Robots’ Society

One of the primary inspirations for the Roundtable Podcast, it’s always a pleasure to share the mic with these fine gentlemen. I was recently invited to co-host an episode of the DRS where we discuss how to keep your creative mojo strong and diverse (in Episode 243). Brion and I were also invited a few months ago to do some workshopping for the sequel to Justin’s urban fantasy “A Minor Magic” (in Episode 228).  The Dead Robots are always good company and the podcast continues to offer not only useful and relevant information and insights on the writing craft, but also a charmingly snarky ensemble of hosts. 🙂

Podiomedia Chat

During a recent Google Hangout event sponsored by the geek queen, Nuchtchas, I had the pleasure of meeting several podcasters, including Chris Moody of the Podiomedia Chat podcast. Chris reviews podcast “audiocinema”, a fabulous term for serialized audiobooks made available to fans through online resources like Chris invited Brion and I to join him for Episode 77 of the Podiomedia Chat Podcast and we had a blast.

First Million Words

Ben and Guillermo are writers making their way through their first million words and tapping as many writerly types as possible to help smooth the way (to everyone’s benefit and edification). Alas, Brion was unavailable for this series of recordings (that start with their October 5th Episode and continue on from there), but we muddled through. It was a little surreal because I wasn’t aware of we’d precisely started recording, but that just makes for a more spontaneous interview experience

The Way of the Buffalo

Hugh O’Donnell – founder and host of The Way of the Buffalo Podcast (and veteran Guest Writer from Roundtable Episode 11) – is a fine gentleman and a splendid host. We met briefly at Balticon 46 and, in spite of that, he still invited Brion and I to be on his podcast. The interview was marvelous and gave us an opportunity dig into some of the jewels of wisdom we’ve gleaned from our 30+ episodes to date. You can hear all the fun on the October 2nd Episode of The Way of the Buffalo Podcast.

The Seekrit Projekt

Doomed to be forever misspelled and therefore largely secret itself, this brilliant concept podcast is piloted by Scott Roche and Dave Sobkowiak. With the mission of introducing listeners to the coolest new thing they’ve never heard about, it provides a vital service in the podosphere. Brion and I appeared on the show for their July 12th Episode, and then I had the pleasure of introducing a very cool project to the Projekt crew on their August 27th Episode.

NOTE: If this trend continues, we’ll move all these to a separate page titled “Interviews and Sightings” or some such to make it easier to find these fine podcasting pundits



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