The NaNoWriMo Project (4 of 4)

NaNoWriMo Coat of Arms
NaNoWriMo Coat of Arms

And so we come to the conclusion, the final workshop/prep session with our four remarkable writers.  NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow and they will be joining the thousands of bold and dedicated writers who will be burning up their keyboards to crank out the 1,667 words a day required to make the 50,000 word deadline in 30 days.

We hope these discussions have helped focus or inspire some of you to word-count greatness. Check back in a few weeks… Jared and I will be touching base with each of our writers to discover how they’ve been doing, celebrating their achievements as they go and exploring the challenges they didn’t expect and how they’ve overcome them.

This is only the beginning! The prep is done… now everyone gets to GO WRITE! 🙂

The NaNoWriMo Project – part 4 of 4

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Meet the remarkable people featured on this podcast…


Jared Axelrod
Jared Axelrod

Your Co-Host: Jared Axelrod

Jared’s website:

The superb The Battle of Blood and Ink

Fables of the Flying City:

Jared’s Tumblr feed:

@planetx on Twitter

And your panel of bold and dedicated writers…


John Mierau
John Mierau


John Mierau

Serving Worlds is John’s website where you can discover the fabulousity that IS John Mierau




Veronica Giguere
Veronica Giguere

Veronica Giguere

Veronica Giguere is a voiceover artist and author. She is a co-author, voice talent, and producer for the Secret World Chronicles podcast, and she writes and worldbuilds for comic publisher IncubatorPress. She is also an active voice at HG World in The Diary of Jill Woodbine, and she continues to read for authors in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, and erotica. Rumors exist of an mild-mannered alter-ego steeped in academia, fueled by caffeine, who trudges through the mire of higher education administration in pursuit of the letters P, H, and D while masterminding first-year college transition curriculum. Said creature often dabbles in psychology and early adulthood learning strategies, possesses an affinity for comic books and small talking horses, and strives alongside her spouse to raise literary-minded geekchildren. Supposedly, she is an expert on time management.

Check out Voices by Veronica to learn more about her incredible vocal artistry, and Visit her blog for the full spectrum of Giguere artistic awesomeness.



Starla Hutchton
Starla Hutchton

Starla Hutchton

Starla Huchton is a two-time Parsec Award nominated author, graphic designer, voice actor, and unrepentant geek temporarily based out of Newport, Rhode Island.

Links to all my projects are available via those websites.



Christopher Morse
Christopher Morse

Christopher Morse

Christopher X. Morse is an actor, podcaster, writer and part-time supervillain currently residing in Philadelphia, PA with his brilliant and beautiful wife, Erica. When not trying to write or perform silly fiction, he can be found with a book of silly fiction in his hands.

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John Mierau has a pretty thorough outline there to work from, so for my what if I’m going to add another complication.

What if there was one “rich man” who didn’t abandon the station. The reason he didn’t is because he is the local smuggler/fence/crime boss.

He is also head of the best armed faction left on the station, as well as being the local cop’s nemesis. If the cop wants to protect the station he might have to make a deal with “the devil” to do it.

John clearly has more complications than he was able to share, but that sounds like one I’d enjoy reading if there was room for it.

I probably couldn’t write science fiction this ‘hard’ to safe my life, so I don’t really have much to add. It sounds like a great series starter to me.

But so as to (hopefully) not be totally unhelpful, I’d like to add that in my experience with writing adding deities isn’t so difficult or even controversial as long as they have rules they obey, much like everything else. It’s the idea that gods have to be Godlike that needs to be done away with to add them as players in fantasy.

Just my two cents of course.

My first year being serious at NaNoWriMo. Last year I signed up, but never bothered updating my status. I can’t remember how many words I did, but it wasn’t that much.

Anyways, this idea is getting me excited at this genre mashup: science fiction/horror and capers.

This idea sparked another idea which I would probably tagline as: “A science fiction heist story set in Bioshock in space”

But before that…I have a word count to fill with another story.

Hi ho, NaNo!

(Does this comment count as part of the 50k words?) 😉

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