“One Question: Why Comics?” from FanExpo2012

FanExpo 2012FanExpo is considered “The Comic-Con of Canada” and judging by this year’s amazing attendance and awesome guest list, they’re absolutely right.

Brion and I would have dearly loved to make that scene, but it just wasn’t gonna happen. Enter the astonishing Ben Delano (host of his own podcast as well as the Guest Writer from Workshop Episode 24), who stepped up and volunteered to be our “Wandering Alchemist” seeking out remarkable and talented creators and asking them our one question.

We were overjoyed and Ben did an amazing job of finding a diverse and intriguing group of comic artists and creators to ask our one question:

Why do you use comics and graphics novels to tell your story instead of other media (film, literature, etc.)?

The diversity and scope of the responses was remarkable and Brion and I wanted to share them with you (as well as our own perceptions and inspirations). Enjoy!

Interviews from FanExpo2012

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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In this episode:

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Great piece guys, I really liked it! You got such a neat cross-section of voices as well.

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