“One Question: Your Ideal Protagonist” from WorldCon 2012

ChiCon 7 - WorldCon 2012WorldCon is an event that many authors anticipate all year, an epic gathering of writers, publishers, and readers celebrating the ever-shifting tapestry of speculative fiction.

Once again, Brion and I found ourselves in the unenviable position of not attending such an epic event. Thank all the literary gods that our Wandering Alchemist, Ben Delano (co-host of his own podcast, “Reader/Writer“), was on hand and willing to seek out Literary Gold on our behalf.

And such gold he found! Ben heroically pursued some truly remarkable people and asked each of them:

Describe your ideal protagonist

We know what you’re thinking (’cause it’s the same thing we were thinking), “These are all going to be the same answer.” Oh no, dear friends… the diversity of response that we got affirms the depth of these writer’s perceptions within their craft. Literary Gold abounds… get yours!

Interviews from WorldCon 2012

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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In this episode:

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Fabulous episode. A lot of gold in there. Thanks for posting!

Thanks, Mercy! It’s a rare treat to hear so many diverse and articulate expressions of craft in one sitting. So glad we could share it with everyone!

The Vlad Taltos tales mentioned by Dave in this episode were written by Steven Brust. The first book in the series was Jhereg.


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