20 (more) Minutes with Myke Cole

Myke Cole

Myke Cole

Myke Cole – author of “Shadow Ops: Control Point” and the forthcoming sequel “Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier” – once had a friend remark “one life just isn’t enough for you” and when you speak with him and learn about his many achievements and the passions he’s pursued, you discover that’s an accurate assessment. His years spent cultivating his craft have given him a broad and informed perspective on writerly pursuits and he shares generously of those informed insights during this exceptional 20(ish) minutes of conversation. We dig into his desire to be a well-rounded writer, discuss the merits and perils of trunked novels, how to convey procedural information effectively, and more. (and you can bet the awesomeness will only intensify in Myke’s Workshop Episode ! AND, you can check out Myke’s first visit to the Roundtable in his first “20 Minutes With” episode and his Workshop back in Episode 15)

PROMO: The Secret World Chronicle

Showcase Episode: 20 (more) Minutes with Myke Cole

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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The Bad-Assery of Myke Cole…



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  1. I have been having similar thoughts with my writing so this was a great program to listen to. Thanks!