20 Minutes with Conor McCreery and Anthony del Col

Connor McCreery and Anthony Del Col
Connor McCreery and Anthony Del Col

Conor McCreery and Anthony del Col – creators and motive force behind the astonishing “Kill Shakespeare” comic series and all the awesomeness that comes with it – have transformed an inspired concept into a breathtaking reality.  They’re unique backgrounds and experience informed their efforts in such a profound way that Shakespearean scholars have lauded their creation and it has spawned a stage production, a screen play, a computer game, and more! During this 20(ish) minutes of marvelous conversation, Brion and I had the pleasure of discussing their strengths as writers, their collaborative process, the translation of well-known characters into a unique story, and more.  (and we continue the inspiration in Conor and Anthony’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Conor McCreery & Anthony del Col

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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From the mighty desk of Conor and Anthony…

  • If you haven’t read “Kill Shakespeare“, then do yourself a favor click that link!


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Only two pages of notes from RTP this morning, one on comments made in the show and, more importantly, one on tips given on how to move forward in a story too long on the back burner, thrust in my computer files. That page was inspired by the writerly advice from each of the participants for us, your listeners, to glean and use to help us move forward in our own work. Every RTP provides bits of “Literary Gold” to be twisted and turned by the listener in the effort to make our work the best it can be. Despite genre, RTP always reaches out a helping hand filled with ideas and information graciously handed over to the listener to spur motivation to help us “go write” and create our own art. Thank you.

Talk about awesome creators! This show is just full of sweet sweet mojo.

You guys are kicking ass, hosts and cohosts a like.

Can’t wait for the workshop to drop!

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