20 Minutes with Tobias Buckell

Tobias Buckell

Tobias Buckell

Tobias Buckell has lived an adventurous life, not in the sense of plundering ancient tombs or fighting ninjas, but a life of extraordinary circumstances, opportunities and challenges. He says, “Fear of something is always an indicator of something I should do”… with that philosophy, he has blazed his own trail, exploring his craft – creating compelling tales like “Crystal Rain“, his exploration of his own craft in “Nascence“, and the recently crowd funded “Apocalypse Ocean” – and infusing his tales with a profoundly unique voice that has earned him a space on the New York Times Best-Selling List and  nominations for Hugo, Nebula, Prometheus, and Campbell awards. This 20(ish) minutes of conversation is rich with Tobias’s refreshing perspective on so many aspects of the wrting process, including loving what you do, dealing with fear and the challenges of life as a writer, the secret of endings, and much more! The writerly goodness here here for the taking, so hit that “PLAY” button and dig in! (and the quest for Literary Gold continues in Tobias’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Tobias Buckell

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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About Author

Dave Robison has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life. His CV includes writing Curious George fan-fiction at the age of eight, improv theater at age ten, playing trumpet at age twelve, as well as a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, designing websites, creating board games, hosting mythological roundtables and generally savoring the sweet drought of expression in all its forms. His years of exploration give him a unique, informed, and eloquent perspective on the art of storytelling.


    • ::fist bump:: True dat, Paul.

      One of the amazing benefits of this podcast is the opportunity to discover and engage with courageous and dedicated creators and explore their take on the world. Tobias has charted his own course in the world and in his career… it’s inspiring to see innovators succeed.

  1. This is one of my favorite showcase episodes yet! What Tobias said about doing the thing you love most is pure gold. It’s the thing I struggle with the most in my own writing.

  2. This was a great showcase. I’ve heard interviews with Tobias before, and I really like his insights, and outlooks. I must confess I have not had the opportunity to read any of his novels. It is now on my list to correct this matter.

    I think that we need creageous (creative and courageous-you see what I did there, Dave-I’m borrowing your new word) authors, like Tobias, to show diversity in Science Fiction. Because, what kind of subconscious message are we sending if all space traveling, or future people are only white.

    Endings. Damn, that’s what I need. I will be brainstorming an ending for “The Keeper’s of Qi” this weekend. My writing has slowed on this one, and I realize now that I don’t have a solid end game, and this is what I need. Thanks Tobias!