20 Minutes with Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore – who translates his unique and irreverent perception into astonishingly hilarious novels (that have been accused of being bitingly satirical) such as “Lamb“, “Fool“, “A Dirty Job” and many more – has truly forged his own path through the storytelling wilderness. His experience and instincts have served him well and cultivated a unique voice that has not only engaged a devoted legion of fans, but has also seen every one of his novels optioned for film or television (dude’s doing something right). Brion and I had so much fun with Chris that we completely ignored the clock and went 30+ minutes (reckless daredevils that we are) discussing the essence of opinion versus genre, luck versus skill, when to put on the brakes, and so much more. It’s buffet of writerly goodness so grabv a plate and hit that PLAY button! (and the literary feast continues in Chris’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Christopher Moore

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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Dave Robison has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life. His CV includes writing Curious George fan-fiction at the age of eight, improv theater at age ten, playing trumpet at age twelve, as well as a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, designing websites, creating board games, hosting mythological roundtables and generally savoring the sweet drought of expression in all its forms. His years of exploration give him a unique, informed, and eloquent perspective on the art of storytelling.


  1. Fascinating episode, guys! This one really earned its extra time with how interesting the conversation was. Actual conflict (however small) in a showcase episode really made my day, strange as that sounds.

    I had noticed Dave’s attitude toward luck in past episodes, but didn’t realize how deep that view went. Anyhow, it made for some great listening and learning.

    • Dave Robison on

      There was definitely a lot going on in this interview. Chris in an intriguing guy with some unique perspectives… and we always want to open up new lines of thought for our crew.

      And yeah… my issues with “luck” versus “skill” are deep and twisty, but I thought Chris handled it extremely well.

  2. This was spectacular. I have read most of his books more than once and Lamb is one of my all time favorites. His tongue-in-cheek approach to interpreting life is unique and hilarious. Thank you for this. I learned of your show through Christopher Moore’s Facebook page and I am now a fan of the show too!

    • Dave Robison on

      Outstanding, Rowan… glad you enjoyed the interview and we’re delighted to have you among the RTP crew! 😀

    • Dave Robison on

      Thanks, Paul. Out of curiosity, was it Chris’s fiction or something in the interview that didn’t line up for you?

  3. I absolutely adore Mr. Moore. I have every one of his books and have read them several times, took a break from rereading Fool just to listen. Great stuff!!!!

  4. Big fan of Chris’s work, found this podcast via Twitter

    You seemed to have skipped over the alcoholism part..? Chris mentions it in his bio and interviews (including a brief mention in your interview as well) I would’ve liked to explore that a little further. He once said “so I quit drinking and started writing”. Just curious if he put the bottle and/or drugs down forever or just at first. I bet he smokes weed though 😉