2014 July

Cat Rambo
20 Minutes with Cat Rambo

We kick off the first episode of the newly reawakened RTP by enjoying 20(ish) Minutes With Cat Rambo. Cat is the whole literary package – author, editor, educator, award-winner, and VP of the mighty SFWA – and it was a pleasure to explore her craft with her. With Moses Siregar (author of “Black God’s War”) as my guest co-host and wingman, we delve into the idea of collaborating with yourself, the joys and perils of worldbuilding, and so much more!

A Dimming of the Light…

Larry Santoro has passed away. There is a silence in the world that wasn’t there before, echoes where once there was joyful noise. The warm radiance cast by this remarkable gentleman will be deeply missed… it will be reflected forever in the lives of those he touched with his tales and generous spirit.

Workshop Episode 58 (Guest Host: Joe McKinney)

Joe McKinney returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend his superb storytelling mojo in workshopping a tale of supernatural and psychological horror (one of his many fortes). The tale is presented by the mighty Rob Smales (who has crafted more than a few tales of terror in his time). Rob’s tale of childhood terror maturing into a horrifying adult nightmare sends us all digging in the grave dirt in search of blood-stained Literary Gold!