Workshop Episode 66 (Guest Host: Karen Healey)


The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 66, with Karen Healey and Emery Colin

Karen Healey – educator, advocate, and author of astonishing YA novels like “When We Wake” and the newly-released sequel “While We Run” – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to catalyze our brainstorming efforts into a maelstrom of awesomeness with her storytelling mojo (spoilers: she succeeds). Joined by the eloquent and insightful Katie Bryski (author of Hapax, numerous short tales, AND a children’s opera), the stage is set for a fabulous story workshop.

This week’s Guest Writer, Emery Colin, brings a very cool tale to the table, one that blends SciFi and Fantasy with a mysterious mythic heritage. A stranded transport, ancient orders, demons, and an inexperienced protagonist assigned a perilous task are the ingredients for a brainstorming buffet that leads us inevitably to discover a lost relic forged of – you guessed it – Literary Gold (and if your thirst for writerly goodness remains unslaked, then I recommend you check out Karen’s Showcase Episode!).

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Workshop Episode 66 (Guest Host: Karen Healey)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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Coming up for Karen…

  • The anthology “Kaleidescope” features a tale by Karen titled “Careful Magic” (along with stories from a truly stellar cast of luminary authors including Garth Nix, E. C. Myers, Ken Liu, and more)
  • There will be a renunion tour of her appearance at WisCon 40 in 2016! (Check out the latest on WisCon here)
  • And definitely make the time to explore her many tales, including “Guardian of the Dead“, “The Shattering“, “When We Wake“, and its sequel “While We Run

 Stay up on Katie Bryski’s latest…

Katie also wanted to share that “Tales of a Tesla Ranger: A Tribute to P. G. Holyfield” is now available on Amazon. P. G. was one of the first podcasters, a pioneering author, and remarkable human being. He passed away from a brutally swift form of cancer earlier this year and the writing community rallied to create this astonishing tribute. Every penny earned from the sale of this marvelous anthology goes to the trust established for P. G.’s children. Please consider adding this to your library and supporting a bold spirit who taken from us far too soon.


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