20 Minutes with James Sutter

Rocker. Author. Editor. Gamer. Co-creator of “Pathfinder“, the biggest selling role-playing game in the world. Managing Editor at Paizo Publishing, the good people who MAKE Pathfinder (for those of the non-RPG persuasion). If there is anyone who has been a contributing factor to the recent (and long overdue) trend of geeks being cool, it’s James Sutter. From his early days as a journalism student to his current standing as author of the much (and justifiably) lauded “Death’s Heretic” and it’s sequel, “The Redemption Engine“, AND Managing Editor of Paizo’s fiction line, James has been all about the story.

Joined by author, editor, and gamer (do you see a trend here?) Jennifer Melzer, we spend 20-ish minutes in astonishing writerly discourse with this Renaissance Man of geekery. For those of you with OTD – Obsessive Temporal Disorder – the “ish” allows us an extra 15 minutes without violating any truth-in-advertising laws… and you’ll be glad we do as Jennifer, James and I discuss the merits of outlining and fostering discovery, the difference between an “artist” and an “artisan”, the creative power of deadlines, and more. Wrap your head in an Ace Bandage ’cause we’re gonna blow your mind. (and, once you stuff your brains back in, tune in to James’s Workshop episode airing December 23rd).

PROMO: “Broken” by Cedric Johnson and Veronica Giguere (in podcast audio or on Amazon)

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with James Sutter

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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James Sutter, rocking the Internet…

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As for the remarkable Jennifer Melzer…

Jennifer Melzer

Jennifer Melzer



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