Workshop Episode 68 (Guest Host: Jeanne Cavelos)


If you’re going to workshop a story, you might as well do it right… bring in a scientist who has also been an editor with Dell, founded two editorial lines of books, published three novels for a hugely successful television franchise, AND has spent the last 20 years leading one of the top literary workshops in the industry. That’s exactly what we did, inviting Jeanne Cavelos, founder and lead instructor of the Odyssey Writers Workshop back to the Big Chair to brainstorm a story idea.

(Spoilers… it’s fabulous)

Our creageous (creative and courageous) Guest Writer is Austin Malone who brings a YA fantasy tale of an island forged by three goddesses and fueled by a powerful magic. Austin’s tale of Peth and his quest thwart his destiny and purge the island of corruption sends Jeanne, myself, and co-host Doc Coleman on an epic journey of writerly brainstorming, weaving threads of story mojo into a tapestry of Literary Gold. Cuz… that’s pretty much what we do around here. Click the “PLAY” button and see for yourself (and if you’re still primed for more writerly goodness, make your way over to Jeanne’s superb Showcase Episode!)

PROMO:  The Odyssey Writers Workshop

Workshop Episode 68 (Guest Host: Jeanne Cavelos)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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