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Cavan Scott has written… well… just about every type of story there is to write. Audio plays for Dr. Who, Blake 7, Iris Wildthyme and more… fiction for Dr. Who, Skylanders, WarHammer 40K, and more… paranormal YA like “The Hunted“, and non-fiction like sourcebooks for (not to be redundant, but) Dr. Who, Skylanders, Angry Birds, and yes… even more. His range of genre and format, story and character, is a rich nuanced storyteller’s tapestry so you KNOW we’re going to be laying out a feast of writerly goodness on this episode.

Joining me in the co-host’s chair is the sharp and savvy Terry Mixon – author of “Empire of Bones” and “Veil of Shadows” and co-host on the fabulous Dead Robots’ Society podcast – and together we burn through 20(ish) minutes of writerly discourse with Cavan, exploring the reasons why he writes, the distinctions between narrative formats, the key to mastering a character’s “voice” and more. This is classic RTP goodness fraught with fabulosity… hit that “PLAY” button, friends, and let’s get into it! (and you do NOT want to miss Cavan’s Workshop Episode).

PROMO:  “Empire of Bones” by Terry Mixon

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Cavan Scott

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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Terry Mixon

Terry Mixon




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