20 Minutes with K. C. Wayland

Few people have impacted the world of audio theater in recent years like this week’s Guest Host, K.C. Wayland. Back in 2009, while the most of the world was just waking up to podcasting and the notion of audiobooks (and “Walking Dead” was still a year and a half from its debut), KC was writing and producing the award winning “We’re Alive” audio drama series, a tale of survival set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The superior production, performance, and storytelling of “We’re Alive” raised the bar on audio entertainment and inspired a renaissance of tales told through the “theater of the mind”.

That alone would make this a spectacular 20(ish) minutes, but wait… there’s more. My co-host for this episode is none other than the creator of the remarkable “Leviathan Chronicles” audio drama, Christof Laputka! With these two storytelling maestros together in the virtual RTP studio, you KNOW this is going to be a fabulous discussion. Tune in as we explore the distinctions between literary and audio storytelling, crafting action scenes in audio drama, killing characters, sensory challenges in audio drama, and more. (and if that’s not enough, then check out KC’s Workshop Episode!).

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with K.C. Wayland

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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When not chronicling the zombie apocalypse, you can find KC…

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Christof Laputka
Christof Laputka



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I loved the episode with kc weyland. I love the new angles to WA that I had never thought of while listening to it. Thanks for a great interview.

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