Workshop Episode 73 (Guest Host: Sam Sykes)


If you’re gonna shake the pillars of literary heaven, then you’ll definitely want Sam Sykes – author of the “Aeon’s Gate” series and the newly released “The City Stained Red” – with you wielding the sledgehammer.  We’re delighted to have Sam return to The Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend his distinctive writerly mojo to an epic brainstorming session.

Laying forth the story banquet for our literary feast is creageous Guest Writer Angela Meadon, who brings a tale of demon-possessed philosophers and a war-torn land savaged by relentless conquerors. Angela’s tale is riveting and served as a flashpoint for a brain maelstrom of ideas an inspirations. The Literary Gold Machine is working overtime on this one, so bring a wheelbarrow when you hit that “PLAY” button. You’re gonna need it! (and there’s more writerly goodness to be had in  Sam’s Showcase Episode!)

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Workshop Episode 73 (Guest Host: Sam Sykes)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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Guest Writer Angela Meadon is crafting wonders in the world…

Angela Meadon

Angela Meadon


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