20 Minutes with Peter Newman

Peter Newman – author of “The Vagrant” (releasing in the US in just a couple days!), co-writer for the “Tea and Jeopardy” podcast, and performer in that same delightful podcast – has entered the arena of published author-dom with distinction, poise, and a +5 Vorpal Sword. His journey to the shelves of your favorite bookstore (digital or otherwise) has been fueled not only by determination and fierce commitment to his craft, but an inspiring delight and love of telling stories.

Joined by Michelle Graham and Emily Singer (of the Beyond the Trope podcast) as my co-hosts, we engage in a remarkable 20(ish) minutes of writerly discourse with Peter, exploring the influence of gaming on his fiction, the nuances of his editorial process, the power of present-tense writing, firewalking (seriously), and more. The writerly goodness is as thick as cherry blossoms in Spring… come gather some for yourself (and if you’re wondering if Peter’s Workshop Episode is as fabulous as this episode, I’ll give you hint: Hell yes!).

PROMO:  “A Broken Magic: Born of Fire – Book 2” by Justin Macumber

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Peter Newman

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Following Peter on teh interwebs…

  • Peter shares his thoughts and all the latest mayhem at his website, so check it out
  • The Vagrant” releases in the US tomorrow, April 22nd! It’s going to be an epic read
  • If you haven’t tuned in to the charming and delightful “Tea and Jeopardy” podcast… well, fix that!
  • He’s also on The Twitters and on Facebook


Beyond the Trope Podcast
Beyond the Trope Podcast

You can catch up on the writerly exploits of Michelle and Emily, along with Giles Hash on the Beyond the Trope podcast where they “explore the artistic depths of fiction, building on the tropes found in genre fiction and moving beyond the surface of those ideas and concepts to expand our understanding and appreciation of art in mass-market writing“.

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