Workshop Episode 76 (Guest Host: Jilly Dreadful)

Returning Guest Host Jilly Dreadful – founder and director of the remarkable  Brainery Workshop – returns to the Big Chair to lend her potent story mojo to a brainstorming session with a story about a mutant superhero hunted by an ancient and powerful organization.

I gotta tell you… THIS is an exceptional workshop. The story – provided by creageous (creative and courageous) Guest Writer John Walker (the first and only Knight of the RTP)(so far) – gave us a solid foundation, but then Jilly and co-host Lauren “Scribe” Harris dove in and unearthed some truly astonishing story threads that transformed the idea into a potent and vital story concept. This was an inspired exploration that resulted in a veritable truckload of Literary Gold. Click that “PLAY” button and see what I’m talking about… you won’t leave disappointed (and then travel in the Wayback Machine and catch Jilly’s exceptional Showcase Episode)

PROMO: “Command Decisions (Book 3 of The Empire of Bones Saga)” by Terry Mixon

Workshop Episode 76 (Guest Host: Jilly Dreadful)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Lauren “Scribe” Harris is working her literary magic in the world…

Lauren "Scribe" Harris
Lauren “Scribe” Harris




Creageous Guest Writer, John Walker…

John Walker
John Walker


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