Workshop Episode 77 (Guest Host: Peter Newman)


Last week, Guest Host Peter Newman’s book “The Vagrant” was released on the world and we couldn’t be more delighted for him. So delighted in fact, that we asked him to return to lend his unique storytelling mojo to a scifi tale of a young technician thrust into a tangled web of power and corruption on a distant planet.

The story is offered up by Guest Writer Giles Hash and is a YA tale featuring a young woman defining her beliefs in a universe where its hard to tell the villains from the heroes. We’re joined by Giles’s co-hosts on the Beyond the Trope podcast – Emily Singer and Michelle Graham – and together we delve into the story world, exploring agendas and motivations, subverting stereotypes, and generally brainstorming the heck out this story. In the end, the Literary Gold is abundant, and there’s plenty to go around… just click that “PLAY” button (and if you somehow missed it, then by all means, go back in time and catch Peter’s exceptional Showcase Episode)

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Workshop Episode 77 (Guest Host: Peter Newman)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Beyond the Trope Podcast

Beyond the Trope Podcast

You can catch up on the writerly exploits of Michelle and Emily, along with Giles Hash on the Beyond the Trope podcast where they “explore the artistic depths of fiction, building on the tropes found in genre fiction and moving beyond the surface of those ideas and concepts to expand our understanding and appreciation of art in mass-market writing“.


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      He really is! I love his perspectives on the storyteller’s craft… and clearly, dude has serious brainstorming chops 😉