Workshop Episode 78 (Guest Host: Justin Landon)

This week, Justin Landon – host of “RocketTalk“, co-editor of the “Speculative Fiction 2012: The Year’s Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary” compilation, and once-and-future king of the “Staffer’s Book Review” blog, strides in boldly and resumes his seat in the Big chair to apply his potent storytelling mojo to a brainstorm of epic proportions.

The story is offered up by Guest Writer Luke Koster, a YA tale of two paladins serving their god in very different – and dangerous – ways. Ancient relics, divine agendas, and the struggle for acceptance all serve as the leaping point for a legendary story workshop. With Katharina Bordet returning as co-host, we caffeinate ourselves AND the story, delving into the nature of a good protagonist, a bit of divine mythology, literary narrative forms, and more. Literary Gold is the goal and it is achieved, baby! And there’s plenty to go around… just a click of the “PLAY” button away (and if you missed it, definitely make the time to listen to Justin’s insightful Showcase Episode)

PROMO: The Black: A Deep Sea Thriller” by Paul Elard Cooley

Workshop Episode 78 (Guest Host: Justin Landon)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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New developments for Justin…

  • Justin was selected to be a commissioning editor at Tor for their new “Imprint” line of books!
  • His first novella is Daniel Polansky’s “The Builders” (discussed on this episode of RocketTalk)
  • As always, Justin shares his insights with his guests and readers at, (including the fabulous “RocketTalk” podcast)!
  • You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.

Katharina is making some storytelling magic of her own…

Katharina Bordet
Katharina Bordet

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