20 Minutes with Jake Bible

Jake Bible writes to entertain his readers. Judging by his readership and the sheer size and scope of his canon, he’s damned good at it. He’s written more books in the last 5 years, than many authors write in a life time (including “Reign of Four: I” and “Dead Team Alpha“) and exemplifies the discipline and commitment to his craft that paves the way for a truly unique authorial voice in multiple genres for broad spectrum of readers.

 My co-host is fellow Onder Librum creative and spec fic author Suzzane Church, author of “Elements” and a vast canon of short fiction that has appeared in numerous “Years Best” anthologies. Together, Suzzane and settle in for a marvelous 20(ish) minutes of writer discourse with Jake, exploring his notions of pulp fiction, the art of the mashup, his writing process, and more. There’s writerly goodness awaiting right on the other side of that “PLAY” button friends… click it!  (and check out Jake’s Workshop Episode!)

PROMO: The Casebook of Esho St. Claire” by Scott Roche

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Jake Bible

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Jake’s busy writing, but if you watch really close…

  • If you check out his blog (called “Brain Squeezin’s”) you will find a smorgasbord of Bible-ishous information and updates
  • His Amazon Profile is gonna take you a while to get through (there’s a LOT there), but it’s definitely worth the trip.
  • He’s on Facebook and Twitter, but really… dude has a LOT of writing to do! 😀

Suzanne Church

Suzzane Church
Suzzane Church


  • Her blog is not only a great place to catch up on her canon of work and latest doings, but she also shares insights into the writer’s craft as well!
  • She is, of course, on the Twitters and the Facebooks
  • And check out her collection of short stories, “Elements“, nominated for a Prix Aurora Award this year!

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