2016 January

No episodes for a couple weeks (sob)

Where’s today’s episode? That’s a heartbreaking story, actually.

Yesterday, when I sat down to produce the episode we had recorded on Friday with Michael R. Underwood, John Moreton, and co-host Lauren “Scribe” Harris, I discovered the audio files had been corrupted. Both the 20 Minutes With interview and the Workshop Episode were garbled beyond redemption.
With me heading out for CONfusion this week, there’s no time to re-record or devise anything to fill those release slots. So, for the first time in the history of the RTP, we’re going miss our scheduled episode releases for the next two weeks.

This is heartbreaking on many levels. I hadn’t realize how much amazing insight and discovery happens in these episodes until I’m confronted with the idea of NOT being able to share these conversations with you. It feels like a betrayal of the mandate of the podcast.

Regardless, I apologize for the gap in your podcatchers. I promise this is a temporary hiccup in the flow of awesomeness from the RTP and I’ll be adjusting processes to ensure this bit of unforeseen mayhem never happens again. I deeply appreciate your understanding.

Workshop Episode 95 (Guest Host: Erin M. Evans)

Erin M. Evans – author of “Ashes of the Tyrant” (book FIVE in the Brimstone Angels series) – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend her uncanny mutant brainstorming skills to a post-apocalyptic tale of humanity struggling to survive through the aftermath of a holocaust.

The tale is offered up by Guest Writer Dayn Leonardson, who comers to the table with basic story concept of humanity sheltering underwater after nuclear Armageddon and leaves with… well, something bigger. A LOT bigger. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Erin and co-host Katie Bryski, we have what may be the fastest, most explosive succession of ideas and inspirations in Roundtable history. Literary gold is EVERYWHERE, but don’t take my word for it… just click that “PLAY” button!

20 Minutes with Erin M. Evans

Erin M. Evans – author of “Ashes of the Tyrant” (book FIVE in the Brimstone Angels series) – weaves many threads into her literary creations. Between her degree in anthropology, her years working as an editor, and her long-standing love affair with storytelling, her tales are richly woven tapestries of epic adventure drawn from the hearts of her beloved characters.

Joining me in the co-host chair is Katie Bryski – Stone Coast Alumni and author of “Heartstealer” and “Hapax” – we engage Erin in 20* Minutes of writerly discourse, exploring serialized fiction, structure complex character arcs, white boards, and more. You’re writer’s toolbox is about get some additions, friends… just click that “PLAY” button!