Workshop Episode 95 (Guest Host: Erin M. Evans)

Erin M. Evans – author of “Ashes of the Tyrant” (book FIVE in the Brimstone Angels series) – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend her uncanny mutant brainstorming skills in workshopping a post-apocalyptic tale of humanity struggling to survive through the aftermath of a holocaust.

The tale is offered up by Guest Writer Dayn Leonardson, who comers to the table with basic story concept of humanity sheltering underwater after nuclear Armageddon and leaves with… well, something bigger. A LOT bigger. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Erin and co-host Katie Bryski, we have what may be the fastest, most explosive succession of ideas and inspirations in Roundtable history. Literary gold is EVERYWHERE, but don’t take my word for it… just click that “PLAY” button! (and Erin’s 20 Minutes With episode is definitely worth checking out)

PROMO:  Alba Salix, Royal Physician, a fairytale comedy for the ear (by Eli McIlveen)

Workshop Episode 95 (Guest Host: Erin M. Evans)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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  • Book 5 in the Brimstone Angels series “Ashes of the Tyrant” is out in the world
  • Book 6 – “The Devil You Know” – is currently in the works
  • She has a number of short stories coming out, including one for Shadow of the Demon Lord (she was a stretch goal in their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign)
  • Her website? Fraught with awesomeness. Insights, schedules, revelations… the definitive author’s blog
  • Her Amazon Profile is a recounting of epic sagas across the Forgotten Realms.
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Guest Writer: Dayn Leonardson

Dayn Leonardson
Dayn Leonardson



Co-Host: Katie Bryski

K. T. Bryski
K. T. Bryski
  • She graduates from Stone Coast with a Master’s Degree THIS MONTH! BOOYAH!
  • She has some novels in the hopper and short story coming out for Daily Science Fiction
  • Possible Grant from Canadian Arts Council to fund a one-woman audio drama featuring myths and folklore
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