What… again?

I’m sorry, gang… truly. And this one I can’t even blame on corrupted audio.

This was all me.


Life has gotten very… interesting… of late. Good things, incredible new opportunities, and a chance to be a part of building something truly awesome. But, whenever you’re building something new, there’s a LOT of sweat equity that gets invested up front. Things break and need to be fixed, deadlines need to be met, new processes defined and implemented, yada yada.

These past couple of weeks saw a LOT of that happening all at once and, as a consequence, I didn’t get an episode recorded.

So NOW What?

Many of you have articulated how much you enjoy the Roundtable Podcast and how helpful it’s been. That delights and humbles me more than I can express (and you know what a wordy bastard I can be).

But I want you to know that the reason I DO the podcast is because it’s important to ME. You are all amazing and marvelous and a vital part of this podcast… but I’m doing this because The Roundtable Podcast is something I dearly love. I feel it serves a purpose in the world and I want to keep doing that.

Things are weird right now and I’m being called upon to fit a LOT more stuff into my waking hours. I can’t promise this won’t happen again… but I can promise that I will keep the RTP feed alive. I may need to adjust the schedule or work out some other changes, but the search for Literary Gold is far from over.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.