Workshop Episode 96 (Guest Host: Michael R. Underwood)

Michael R. Underwood – author of “The Shootout Solution” and the soon-to-be-released “The Absconded Ambassador” of the fabulous Genrenauts novella series – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend his superior brainstorming skills to a tale of a beleaguered squire apprenticed to a senile ex-hero (or so he appears).

The tale is offered up by Jay Swanson – creageous Guest Writer and author/creator of transmedia experience titled “Into the Nanten: The Record of My Exile” – is a subtle story, a familiar narrative woven with intriguing threads that give it a unique flavor and makes it a truly unique challenge. With co-host Giles Hash (of the delightful Beyond the Trope podcast) adding his aesthetic to the workshop, we navigate the character and plot nuances of Jay’s narrative, teasing new dimensions and possibilities from the idea and liberally strewing the virtual studio with Literary Gold. Join us for the ride and collect your share… just hit that “PLAY” button (and if you missed Michael’s 20 Minutes With episode, jump into the podcast wayback machine and check it out)

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Workshop Episode 96 (Guest Host: Michael R. Underwood)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Michael has some astonishing work in the world…

  • Episode TWO of Michael’s latest creation, the Genrenauts novella series, is “The Absconded Ambassador” and it’s hitting shelves February 23rd!
  • Another Genrenauts tale, “There Will Always Be A Max” is coming free from in March(ish)
  • There’s a “Pew Pew Jump Ka-boom” Space Opera on the horizon
  • Plus he’s working up a few comic properties (further expanding his literary palette of awesomeness)
  • Conventions:
  • Make the scene at Michael’s website
  • And I can tell you from experience, following him on Facebook and Twitter is guaranteed to brighten your feed!


Guest Writer: Jay Swanson

Jay Swanson
Jay Swanson



Co-Host: Giles Hash

Giles Hash
Giles Hash
  • The Beyond the Trope podcast is celebrating its TWO-YEAR anniversary
  • They’ll all be at Anomaly Con (March 25-27) in Denver, a celebration which will include an interview with Chuck Wendig
  • Giles will also be leading a workshop on “Podcasting the Artists Platform” at the con
  • They’ll be making the scene at Denver Comic Con (June 17-19) AND World Con (Aug 17-21) in Kansas City!
  • Giles shares his thoughts on the writerly arts at his blog
  • You can of course, follow him on Twitter and on Facebook

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