A Slight Scheduling Revision…

Life is a… oh, screw it. Let me just lay this out for you.

I’ve decided to insert a gap of one week between episode cycles. So you’ll get a 20 Minutes With… episode one week, a Workshop episode the next week, followed by… a week of quite reflection on your part upon the awesomeness that occurred the previous two weeks.


Because the Roundtable Podcast has to go on. It just… does. But my duties and responsibilities with The Ed Greenwood Group and the Onder Librum project have grown exponentially. As much as I love what we’re creating over there (and really… it’s frickin’ amazing. Some VERY exciting stuff going on), it requires a massive amount of work to pull it off.

I don’t think this calls for a hiatus, just a slight restructuring. Hence, the week between episode cycles. Plus, I’m considering other options that will keep the RTP alive and rockin’ AND still work magic with Ed Greenwood.

Life is a balancing act, gang… in the middle of a rodeo during a food fight. Thanks for bearing with me while I find my footing among all this marvelous mayhem.