Workshop Episode 103 (Guest Host: Clint Gaige)

Clint Gaige – storyteller, film maker, and general badass – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend his mojo with visual narratives to a story… no wait, excuse me… a SCRIPT brainstorm of a horror film exploring what happens when our children (ALL our children) turn on us.

The script concept is offered up by creageous Guest Writer Matteo Masiello, a tale of what happens in a suburban Midwest town when the children go on a murder spree targeting the adults. Marie Bilodeau returns to take the co-host chair and together we enter the dark horrifying world of Matteo’s vision, exploring character arcs and thematic nuances, jumping and shadows and unearthing a treasure trove of Literary Gold. It’s yours for the taking if you DARE… to push that “PLAY” button! (and if you missed it check out Clint’s exceptional 20 Minutes With… episode!)

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Workshop Episode 103 (Guest Host: Clint Gaige)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Clint Gaige, rockin’ the pillars of cinema…

Guest Writer: Matteo Masiello

Matteo Masiello
Matteo Masiello






Co-Host: Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau
Marie Bilodeau

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