Workshop Episode 105 (Guest Host: Marie Brennan)

Literary alchemist Marie Brennan – author of “A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent“, The Onyx Court Series, and “Lies and Prophecy“, and so much more – returns to the Guest Host chair to lend her astonishing brainstorming savvy to a tale of two strangers who’s lives become entangled by a drug that imparts magical powers as a side effect.

The tale is offered up by a pair of creagous Guest Writers, Saskia den Ouden and Thomas de Man… a street level slice of life where the protagonists walk the very fine line between hero and villain. Joined once again by the fabulous Marie Bilodeau as co-host, we indulge in a bit of worldbuilding (what a shock), as well as delving into what makes for a truly effective antagonist. The Literary Gold flows like Spice (NOT of the pumpkin variety) and your share is just a click of the “PLAY” button away! (and definitely go back and check out Marie’s astonishingly awesome 20 Minutes With… episode!)

PROMO: The Voice of Free Planet X

Workshop Episode 105 (Guest Host: Marie Brennan)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Marie Brennan continues to expand the world’s roster of awesomeness…

  • “Cold Forged Flame”  is releasing Sept 13th from TOR! (the sequel, “Lightning in the Blood” comes out in Spring 2017)
  • In, April, the fifth and (sniff) final of the Memoires of Lady Trent novels, “Within the Sanctuary of Wings”, will be released
  • She MIGHT be attending Convolution (Sep 30 – Oct 3) in SF
  • There’s a possibility she’ll be attending World Con (Aug 9 – 13) in Helsinki!
  • Check out her Amazon Profile for the full canon of her storytelling creations
  • Follow her on Goodreads, and Twitter


Guest Writers: Saskia den Ouden & Thomas de Man

Saskia den Ouden and Thomas de Man
Saskia den Ouden and Thomas de Man






Co-Host: Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau
Marie Bilodeau

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