Workshop Episode 108 (Guest Host: Kelly Robson)

Kelly Robson returns to brainstorm a tale of Egyptian intrigue, magic, and tangled destinies across time.

Kelly Robson – author of the Nebula-nominated “Waters of Versailles” (published by and many other marvelous tales – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend her brainstorming-fu to a tale of egyptian intrigue, magic, and tangled destinies across time.

The tale is offered up by creageous Guest Writer Michalea Moore, a story of an archeologist in modern day whose soul is twined with that of an ancient egyptian princess. Joined once again by Marie Bilodeau as Co-Host, we delve into Michelea’s tale, in our endless search for Literary Gold. There’s plenty to go around, so hit that “PLAY” button and claim yours! (and if you missed it, be sure to catch Kelly’s marvelous 20 Minutes With interview!)

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Workshop Episode 108 (Guest Host: Kelly Robson)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Kelly’s bringing new wonders into the world…

Guest Writer: Michalea Moore

Michelea Moore
Michalea Moore




Co-Host Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau
Marie Bilodeau


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