Workshop Episode 111 (Guest Host: Myke Cole)

Myke Cole returns to lend his brainstorming-fu to a tale of future warfare, powered armor, and artificial intelligence.

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Myke Cole – author of The Shadow Ops Series (including “Gemini Cell“, “Javelin Rain” and the forthcoming “Seige Line” – returns to the Big Chair in the RTP virtual studios to lend his brainstorming-fu to a tale of future warfare, powered armor, and artificial intelligence.

He’s also co-starring in THIS bit of network television badassery…

The tale is offered up by creageous Guest Writer Jonathan Zerrusen, a tale of two heroes, the daughter of a nation honored to wear the first powered armor into battle, and a newly transcended (and illegal) AI on opposite sides of a global conflict. The brainstorm froth is frothy indeed as we explore the nuances of cyber characters, deepening the conflict within and around the protagonists, and generally dig up a mountain of Literary Gold (as you do). Hit that PLAY button and get yours! (and be sure to check out Myke’s epic 20 Minutes With… episode)

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Myke’s literary badassery in the world…

  • “Siege Line” (concluding the Shadow Ops prequel trilogy) coming out in March 2017
  • He has three more books (a grim dark medieval trilogy) under contract with (working title for the first book: “Fractured Girl”)
  • Currently in negotiation for publishing a non-fiction historical book on ancient warfare
  • He’s also hammering out the contract details for a board game based on Shadow Ops
  • He’s co-starring on HUNTED that premiered last Sunday on CBS
  • AND he started working on a comic book!!!!
  • CONVENTIONS on his schedule…
  • Check out his website and his Amazon Page
  • And DEFINITELY follow him on Twitter and Facebook

Guest Writer: Jonathan Zerrusen

Jonathan Zerrusen
Jonathan Zerrusen



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