Brainstorm #116 (Guest Host: Mur Lafferty)

Mur Lafferty brainstorms a tale of the death and apparent resurrection of a superhero by David "Doc Blue" Wendt.

Mur Lafferty – podcaster and award-winning author “Six Wakes“, “The Shambling Guide to New York City“, and so much more – returns to the Big Chair in the Archivos Virtual Studios to brainstorm a tale of the death and apparent resurrection of a superhero.

The tale is offered up by creageous Guest Writer, David “Doc Blue” Wendt, a tale of heroes who are mystery cloned and the side-kick who must discover why. The story is fraught with awesomeness and it doesn’t take for us to uncover a cornucopia of Literary Gold! (and if you missed it, you gotta check out Mur’s Insight Episode!)

Guest Writer: David "Doc Blue" Wendt

David "Doc Blue" Wendt
David "Doc Blue" Wendt

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Mur Lafferty
Mur Lafferty
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Comments (3)

A wonderful episode as always!

I was giving a touch more thought to the original side-kick of the Black Owl, If you chose to make Bud female it could add an extra layer to why the character has put up with the selfish/deranged antics of the mentor Turner/Dug on top of a obviously fierce respect and being in on the plan, if she at some point fell for the old coot it would foster a want/need to stay near by, of course his paranoya will make any form of real relationship impossible if he even knows/cares/notices.

Further more if Turner happens to die from the final confrontation it will ether cause her to break down and/or fly into a rage, perhaps finally donning the Black Owl costume in tribute and out for revenge -unless she joins in the final battle realising that enough is enough.

The ‘Owl Clan’ also need seeing too if they are being active blocks to the young side-kick, They will need to have a compelling reason not to believe the young man once he tells them his side of the story, I will leave that to chew upon.

Keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you! Great thoughts.

Every time I pull back a layer of this onion, I find new and wonderful ideas to work with.

Agreed… making the first sidekick a female actually creates a very empowering character arc, especially if the shift moves from Nathan to Grey Vulture as protagonist.

Wait a minute… Black Owl, Gray Vulture… you MAY be going a little on-the-nose with these hero/villain names, Dave 😉

And yeah, I agree, Anthony… the Owl Clan will need a higher profile (though I expect they were excised for time constraints), if for no other reason than to cement the spin-off titles in the narrative! 😀

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