Brainstorm #117 (Guest Host: Seth Skorkowsy)

Seth Skorkowsky brainstorms a noir tale of blackmail, kidnapping and betrayal from Sean O'Grady

Seth Skorkowsky – YouTube host and author of the Valducan Series: Damoren, Hounacier, and Ibenus), The Tales of the Black Raven, and more – returns to the Brainstorming Arena to workshop a noir crime story of blackmail, kidnapping, and betrayal.

The tale is offered up by creageous Guest Writer, Sean O’Grady, a story of an ex-cop hired to find a rich girl who has been drawn into a dark world of lust, extortion, and power. Marie Bilodeau rocks the co-host chair (as only she can) and together we search the shadowed alleys for clues in search of the elusive Literary Gold! SPOILERS: We find it! A LOT of it! 😀 (and if you missed it, you gotta check out Seth’s Insight Episode!)

Guest Writer: Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady
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Read his story from Shotgun Honey “Never a Chance


  • “Redemptor” (the 4th Valducan novel) comes out in January as an Audible Original production
  • His YouTube Channel is always growing
  • “Ashes of Onyx” is going through the query process (oy)



Marie Bilodeau
  • She’s in draft mode with several story creations
  • She just signed a contract with DAW Books to have her story “The Elaborate Scheme” included in Julie Czernada’s anthology “Tales of the Plexis”!


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