INSIGHTS: Seanan McGuire

Seanan explores discovering YOUR story, beating creative fatigue, writerly multi-tasking, and more!

Seanan McGuire – award-winning author, graphic novelist, podcaster, and storytelling badass – returns to the APN after five years. In the intervening time, her commitment to her craft has only strengthened and her facility with narrative, character, and story development remains a benchmark for many writers.

Joined by co-host and colleague, Michael R. Underwood, we engage Seanan in 20-ish minutes of writerly discourse, delving into discovering YOUR story, working on multiple projects at the same time, sustaining your creative energy, violence equating to drama in contemporary narratives, and more. (and check out Seanan’s Brainstorming episode!)

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[caution: may contain mature language and themes – listener discretion is advised]

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