About The ARCHIVOS Podcast Network

Every great story begins starts with a great idea. But… how do you know if your idea is strong enough to bear the weight of pen and ink? You do what we all do… you tell someone about it.  You talk it through, bounce ideas around, and get some feedback.  You have a discussion.

Now… wouldn’t it be great if you could have that discussion with some folks who’ve been around the block once or twice, who have published a book or two, or edited a few novels?  Now THAT discussion would be fabulous!  Think of what you could learn about your craft, the questions you could ask and the answers you’d get!

That’s what The ARCHIVOS Podcast Network is all about.  It’s about nurturing ideas, fostering inspiration, and getting the creative juices flowing.  It’s also about mistakes and blind alleys, harsh reality and uncomfortable truths.

Each week we invite publishers, editors, and authors to get on the line with a writer who presents an idea on the table… an idea for a story they want to write.  And then everyone digs in, asking questions, pointing out problems, and proposing solutions.  Characters are dissected or dismissed, plots reinforced or torn apart altogether, and hopefully what started as an idea, becomes something more.

It becomes a story… one we’d all like to hear.

Your Hosts

Dave Robison

Dave has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life.  His CV includes writing Curious George fan-fiction at the age of eight, improv theater at age ten, playing trumpet at age twelve, as well as a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, designing websites, creating board games, hosting mythological roundtables and generally savoring the sweet nectar of expression in all its forms.  He is the director of Wonderthing Studios, Editor-in-Chief at Vex Mosaic, and the creator of the ARCHIVOS Story Development Platform.

Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau is an Ottawa-based author and storyteller. Her space opera Destiny trilogy was a two-time finalist for the Aurora Awards, won the bronze medal in the Foreword Book Awards, and was picked up by Les Éditions Alire for a French version. Her latest serialized fairy apocalypse book, Nigh, was an international bestseller. Marie is also a storyteller and has told stories across Canada in theatres, tea shops, at festivals and under disco balls. She’s won story slams with personal stories, has participated in epic tellings at the National Arts Centre, and has adapted classical material. In addition, Marie is co-chair of Ottawa’s speculative fiction literary convention CAN-CON with Derek Künsken, co-chair of Ottawa ChiSeries with Nicole Lavigne and Matt Moore, and is a regular blogger at Black Gate Magazine.

The Mystery Guest Host

Each week we’ll have a different host join us to hopefully lend a sense of credibility to the show.  They may be a published author, an editor, a literary agent, a screenwriter, a filmmaker, or a publisher.  Our goal is to provide a diverse and informed dialogue about how to make a story great.

Creative Commons

Each episode of The ARCHIVOS Podcast Network is protected under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license.

The means you can share it all you want and even take slices and segments of the episodes to use in other projects.  You just can’t make money on it and you have to clearly attribute the source of the material to “The ARCHIVOS Podcast Network ” and include the URL (http://www.roundtablepodcast.com) in the attribution.