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Workshop Episode 9 (Guest Host: Mur Lafferty)

Mur Lafferty – author, podcaster, editor, and purveyor of awesomeness – grabs a seat at the Roundtable to help workshop a story by Dan Latham that’s a unique twist on the superhero tale. As always, the story sparks a fabulous discussion that delves into the “darker” superpowers, alternatives to classic villain tropes, and the transformation of spirit that having superpowers can have.

20 Minutes with Mur Lafferty

Mur Lafferty has a book coming out, a Not-A-Hugo award nomination (trans. the prestigious John W. Campbell Award) is editing Escape Pod and Angry Robot Books Worldbuilder Project and continues to produce the exceptional “I Should Be Writing” podcast and STILL she managed to swing by the Roundtable Skype line. We’re glad she did (and you will, too) as Mur discusses her experiences with depression, her current challenges as a writer, why she writes specfic, and more

Literary Alchemist: Mur Lafferty

Showcase: 20 Minutes with Mur Lafferty Workshop: Workshop Episode 9 (Guest Host: Mur Lafferty) Website/Blog: http://www.murlafferty.com Other Sites: I Should…

Actors Write Better Characters

There is no one better equipped to build rich authentic characters than someone who has actually “lived” (for a few hours) as someone else. In order to appear authentic on stage, an actor has to be able to respond to cues and events AS THEIR CHARACTER. If they don’t, the performance is flat and uninteresting. Writers are striving for that same authenticity… and suffer the same consequences if they fall short of the mark. So how do actors do it?

Workshop Episode 8 (Guest Host: Justin Macumber)

Justin Macumber – author of Haywire, co-host of The Dead Robots’ Society and The Hollywood Outsider, writer of a diverse spectrum of intriguing speculative fiction – rejoins us for an awesome Workshop episode. We are joined by Scott Roche, an accomplished author and podcaster in his own right, offering up a very cool YA superhero tale that generates an epic Roundtable Podcast discussion.

20 Minutes with Justin Macumber

Justin Macumber – founder and host of the Dead Robots Society, host on the Hollywood Outsider podcast, and author of the newly released scifi novel “Haywire” – somehow finds a away to pull out of the literary fast-lane and join us for a delightful and informative session around the Roundtable. Justin pursues what he loves with honesty and passion, and generously shares some of his mojo as we explore some of the big (and small) questions that all writers have.

Workshop Episode 7 (Guest Host: P.G. Holyfield)

P. G. Holyfield – author of “Murder at Avedon Hill” (and the podiobook!), evil genius behind SpecFic Media, and curmudgeon of the “Beyond the Wall” podcast – finds a chair at The Roundtable and helps us workshop an epic story by Dan Eagles. We’ve got extinction viruses, “infectants”, alien technology, and the Hadron Collider… does it GET any better than that? I think not!

Literary Alchemist: Justin Macumber

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Justin Macumber Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 8 Website/Blog: http://www.justinmacumber.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Justin.Macumber Dead Robots Society…

PG Holyfield
20 Minutes with P. G. Holyfield

P.G. Holyfield is a walker of many worlds. Author and podcaster (http://www.pgholyfield.com), blogger and web architect (http://specficmedia.com/), his experience spans across most conventional media (and some unconventional ones), so we were delighted when he agreed to join us at the Roundtable for a chat. The topics of discussion for this showcase include worldbuilding, the relationship between plot and character, and the pitfalls of editing while you’re still writing.

Workshop Episode 6 (Guest Host: Phillipa Ballantine)

Phillipa Ballantine – author, podcaster, and maven of amazement – takes time from her frightfully busy schedule to take a seat at the Roundtable for an unforgettable episode. She’s joined by the talented and charming L. L. McKinney who offers up a fabulous story based on Lewis Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland” (though Alice was never so badass). The show went a little long but dang… with great hosts, awesome guests and an amazing story what are we supposed to do?

Phillipa Ballantine
20 Minutes with Phillipa Ballantine

Pip Ballantine – New Zealand’s first podcasting author – takes time from the wonders of the Ministry, the Order, and the Shifted Worlds to join us for (a little more than) a twenty minute chat. In spite of her many achievements and gift for crafting exquisite worlds, Pip has her feet on the ground and speaks frankly and with ease about her work, the evolution of a story, the role of mythology in her work, and the characters she’s crafted.

Workshop Episode 5 (Guest Host: Alasdair Stuart)

Alasdair Stuart leaps across the Atlantic Ocean to take a seat at the Roundtable and help workshop a story by the founder of New Fiction Writers, Tony Whitford. Tony offers up the tale of a down-on-his-luck government agent who stumbles upon an alien serial killer which proves to be fertile ground for a fabulous discussion.

Literary Alchemist: P. G. Holyfield

  Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with P. G. Holyfield Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 7 (Guest Host: P. G. Holyfield) Website/Blog: http://pgholyfield.com…

Literary Alchemist: Phillipa Ballantine

  Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Phillipa Ballentine Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 6 Website/Blog: http://www.pjballantine.com/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/pjballantine/ Born in…

Alasdair Stuart
20 Minutes with Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart quietly sits down to the roundtable and – with wit and laughter – makes it all okay. While his talents are diverse and potent – including narration, writing and blogging, editing, and game design – it is his ability express the essence of whatever topic is on the table with honesty and warmth. During this (more-than-20-minute) episode, Alasdair shares insights into what makes a story memorable, how to extract and express a theme, reveals the “true” essence of the Isle of Man, and single-handedly ends the Genre Wars.

Workshop Episode 4 (Guest Host: Gail Carson Levine)

Gail Carson Levine, recognized by the New York Times, LA Times, Library Journal and numerous other Best-Seller lists, joins us at the table to discuss Jacci Turne’rs intriguing YA tale of time-travel. Everyone weighs in and, by the end of the episode, Jacci departs with a large bag of Roundtable Podcast gold.

Workshop Episode 3 (Guest Host: Gail Carriger)

New York Times Best-Selling author Gail Carriger generously makes time in her busy schedule of book releases, tours, and numerous (and intriguing) projects to join Brion and Dave on this third workshop episode. Laura Howard steps up as our Guest Writer sharing a tale of Faerie betrayal and intrigue. Topics discussed include passive characters, the proper use of world building, and how to end a book.


“There are people who appear to be able to invoke creativity on command.  They sit down and BAM, creative inspirations…

Gail Carriger
20 Minutes with Gail Carriger

Joining Brion and Dave this week is paranormal steampunk author, archeologist, and confessed Victorian junkie, Gail Carriger.  Gail’s latest work…

Premature episode release

Our apologies to everyone who received a notice that Workshop Episode 2 was up and available. We’re still working out…

Nathan Lowell
20 Minutes with Nathan Lowell

Wrecking the word-count curve for writers everywhere, Nathan Lowell joins Dave and Brion on this Showcase Episode.  The eternal writer…

J Daniel Sawyer
20 Minutes with J. Daniel Sawyer

Showcase Episode: Brion and Dave sit down with J. Daniel Sawyer and discuss character development, beta readers, genre, audience and more. We think you’ll agree, the twenty minutes is over too quickly, but listeners will find a wealth of writing insights.

Literary Alchemist: Gail Carson Levine

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Gail Carson Levine Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 4 Website:  http://www.gailcarsonlevine.com/ Blog:  http://gailcarsonlevine.blogspot.com/ Bio I grew…

Literary Alchemist: Gail Carriger

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Gail Carriger Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 3 Website/Blog: http://www.gailcarriger.com New York Times Bestselling author Gail…

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We recently discovered that some emails being sent to us were NOT making it to our Inbox. That’s deeply disturbing…

Episode Zero-Point-Five

Each week (starting March 6, 2012), Roundtable hosts Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey – joined by authors, publishers and other literati – invite writers to present ideas for stories they’re developing. What follows is a no-holds-barred discussion of the story’s plot, character, pacing, and theme, in an attempt to transform rough concepts and unformed ideas into literary gold (i.e. a writable story).

In this second pre-episode Dave and Brion share some news about upcoming Guest Hosts, clarify misconceptions regarding copyright, and explore some of the discoveries made in the last few weeks.

Irrational Fears

Fear is the great un-balancer.  It distorts and narrows our awareness until we can only see what’s directly in front…

Literary Alchemist: Nathan Lowell

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Nathan Lowell Workshop Episode: Workshop Episode 2 Website/Blog: http://nathanlowell.com Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/nathan.o.lowell Nathan Lowell always…

“25 Things…” from Chuck Wendig

Check out Chuck’s post “25 Things Writers Should Be Doing (ASAFP)” at http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2012/01/17/25-things-writers-should-start-doing/ It’s remarkable how, when you decide to…

Episode Zero

Each week (starting March 6, 2012), Roundtable hosts Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey – joined by authors, publishers and other literati – invite writers to present ideas for stories they’re developing. What follows is a no-holds-barred discussion of the story’s plot, character, pacing, and theme, in an attempt to transform rough concepts and unformed ideas into literary gold.

This pre-episode is much more informal with Dave and Brion introducing themselves to listeners, sharing backgrounds and experiences, and then expounding on the podcast itself. Show formats, legal stuff, and a general overview of the episodes to come is discussed.

Make Mistakes

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” -Jack London When attending a writers’…

Status Report

Okay… the basic site framework is in place.  On the to-do list… Post some content (some articles on story and…

And so it begins…

The Roundtable Podcast is a writer’s podcast.

Now, there are a LOT of outstanding writer’s podcasts out there. Heck, we at RTP listen to a bunch of them and you’ll find links to many more here on the site.

We’re going to focus on a very specific aspect of the writing process… the ideas.