Do you have an idea for a story you’d like to pitch to the Roundtable?  We’d LOVE to hear it!

On each episode of the podcast, we invite writers to come on the show and pitch their story idea to me and Brion AND our esteemed Guest Host (usually a published author, editor, or publisher).  Your story will be center stage as we discuss it with you, ask questions, and offer suggestions on how to make it a strong as it can be.  We tend to gravitate to genre fiction (fantasy, scifi, thriller, etc), but all stories will be considered (because really, the attributes of a good story are pretty universal.  Discuss).

Seriously, this podcast is nothing without you, the courageous writer committed to making their ideas as strong as they can be.  So fill out the form below and we’ll look over your idea.  If we think it would make for a good discussion, we’ll let you know and start the process for getting you on the show.


  1. We try to match your story ideas to a Guest Host that has some background or interest in your type of story.  If we accept your request to be on the show, there may be some lag as we try to find a good Guest Host match for you.  Thanks for your patience. The current waiting time for an episode two to three months (with our apologies for the long wait).
  2. Please do not offer written and completed stories for the show. We do MUCH better with story ideas than we do with completed and written stories… it’s easier to evolve strong character and plot arcs or thematic elements if those details haven’t already been set down in your mind. An outline and few chapters is fine, but more than that becomes a challenge.
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