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The Challenge: Write a 3 or 5 act movie synopsis (1-2 paragraphs per act) that pits two heroes – one a brooding brilliant human vigilante operating out of “his city”, the other a high-profile super-powered alien who has vowed to protect the earth – against each other.

The Criteria:

  • 700 words maximum
  • The heroes must remain true and consistent with their respective back stories. They can grow and evolve, but the core characters cannot be compromised.
  • Both heroes are going to work together as part of a larger hero group in an upcoming film, so the outcome must lay the foundation for them working together.
  • The synopsis must offer an alternative or variation on the “heroes fight each other until a villain shows up and they have to work together and discover a bond of mutual respect” trope.

The Deadline: Midnight (Central Time), Tuesday, June 30 (winners to be announced July 15)

I'm sorry... the contest is now closed to new entries.

The Prizes

3 winners – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – will be selected from the entries by a panel of editors (TBA), and will win one or more of the following books (in e-book format):

"Screenplay" by Syd Field
“Screenplay” by Syd Field
"Story" by Robert McKee
“Story” by Robert McKee
"Save the Cat" by Blake Snyder
“Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder
  • 1st Place – All three books
  • 2nd Place – winner’s choice of two of the three listed books
  • 3rd Place – winner’s choice of one of the three listed books

The three winners will also have their synopses posted here on the RTP site for all to admire and the First Place Winner will be a guest on a special “Roundtable: Dialogs” episode featuring other astonishing guests (as always) and fabulous conversation (as always).

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